Discount Taxi Dispatch

Discount Taxi Dispatch is a taxi cab company in St Petersburg, FL, we are providing our services to St Pete's local residents as well as tourists and visitors to St Pete and nearby areas of Pinellas County.

Our services include: Grocery shopping in St Pete and Pinellas Park, doctor's appointments, taxi errands with multiple stops, transportation from St Pete and nearby areas of Pinellas County to local airports at flat rates, transportation to Hard Rock Casino, round trip taxi cab rides within St Pete area .... With cooperation with Independent Taxi services we can also accommodate commercial accounts like non emergency hospital patient transportation, insurance cab rides, commercial deliveries, jump starting cars .

Please be advised, our booking form below is designed to reserve taxi at least 2 hours in advance, to request nearest taxi in the area ASAP, please call us directly at 727-490-5100 or click on our "Call for taxi" button which can be found in multiple places on our website. Thank you